Deconstruction FAQs

Remodeling your home? Our deconstruction team will remove cabinets, appliances, trim, drywall, and any other items salable at the ReStore! We ask for a small donation of only $200 per day! The money you’ll save on dumpster costs alone, will offset the small donation fee.

Save $, Save the Earth, Help Habitat! Call to schedule a deconstruct today!

Deconstruction Facts:
US EPA has estimated that U.S. companies generate 136 million tons of building related construction and demolition (C&D) every year.

92% of building-related C&D waste is from renovation and demolition.

C&D waste is approximately 30% of all solid waste produced in this country excluding road and bridge debris.

US EPA has estimated that only 20-30% of C&D waste is presently recycled.

About 245,000 residential structures and 44,000 commercials structures are demolished each year in the US.

Landfills and incinerators are increasingly more expensive and problematic to open, operate, and close.

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